Raw Book of Music Pt 1




33 32 – Hope – Rondo – Gigue – Impossible Waltz – On my Way

The Raw Book of Music is a multi chapter project by Austrian crossoverjazz pioneers, Tuesday Microgrooves. Chapter one (Pt. 1) is about defining a new sound and writing new pieces which are supposed to build bridges between drum ’n‘ bass, impressionism, classical forms and jazz chords. This extravagant mixture does not go unnoticed and since the band is always looking for new cooperations, the most unexpected thing occurs: a romantic composer approaches the band… Stay tuned!
All songs written and performed by Thaïs-Bernarda Bauer, Sigrid Narowetz, Wolfgang Radl and Norbert Wallner. Recorded on 2nd March 2022 by Christian Seitz und Martin Kromar, mixed/mastered by Mischa Janisch.