Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way


Our third studio album “Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ features unique singer Lena Mentschel and marks the first appearance of cello virtuoso Sigrid Narowetz as a Microgroove. Welcome aboard!

Line Up:

Lena Mentschel, Vocals // Wolfgang Radl, Doublebass // Jenö Lörincz, Piano // Norbert Wallner, Drums

Sigrid Narowetz, Violoncello // Chien-Ching Kuo, Violin // Klara Ronai, Violin // Ruei-Cheng Yao Lin, Viola



01 Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way
02 Rachmaninov Is Dead
03 Old Friends
04 I Got Time
05 I Can’t
06 Sunset
07 Surprise Me
08 Summer: Thunderstorm
09: Tomorrow, I’ll Meet You
10: Surprise Me – electronica
11: Interlude
12: I Got Time – electronica