Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way

20. Januar 2017
Tuesday Microgrooves
Number of discs: 1

With the third LP “Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ crossoverjazz pioneers Tuesday Microgrooves keep consequently following their exploring path which they have started in 2008. Based on a traditional jazz trio sound the album features unique singer Lena Mentschel and marks the first appearance of cello virtuoso Sigrid Narowetz as a Microgroove. Together they bend boundaries between classic, drum ’n’ bass, soul and pop. For postrock you’ll be waiting in vain though …

Tuesday Microgrooves

Wolfgang Radl (bass)

Sigrid Narowetz (cello)

Norbert Wallner (drums)

Jenö Lörincz (piano)

feat. Lena Mentschel (vocals)