TM X Conchita – Jupiter Drive


Conchita and Tuesday Microgrooves cover Loreen’s „Jupiter Drive“.

Jupiter Drive written by Deneve/Svedberg/Krotkiewski/Baptiste/Talhaoui.

Published exclusively on YouTube with the friendly permission of Kobalt Music London, STIM Stockholm, Adam Baptiste and Ted Krotkiewski.

Arranged by Wolfgang Radl, Philipp Metzger and Tuesday Microgrooves.

TUESDAY MICROGROOVES: Wolfgang Radl, Bass Sigrid Narowetz, Cello Jenö Lörincz, Piano Norbert Wallner, Drums

Conchita, Vocals Recorded by Vincent Ederle

Edited by Ludwig Frühschütz

Mixed by Lukas Hillebrand and Philipp Metzger

Audio and Video recorded at the KUG studios, Graz

Concept & Project Management: Philipp Metzger

Camera: André Karsai

Editing & Grading: Johannes Dürhammer